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Changing your Meeting's Details

Use capital letters appropriately!

If you type all IN CAPS or all lower case we will not OK your changes.
Use Sentence Case - which the first word of the sentence is capitalised, as well as proper nouns and other words as required by a more specific rule (e.g. London not london, Monday not monday, September not september).
We don't have time to edit your entire entry to bring it up to standard.
We would like to make the website as user friendly as possible and encourage you to be able to do this yourselves.

Find the meeting you want to edit.

Click on the 'New draft' tab at the top (this is only visible after you have logged in).

change meeting

All the existing information is now laid out before you.
You can edit day, time, address etc.

'URGENT INFO' box is only for urgent infromation.
e.g. 'Meeting folded November 2019' or 'No Meeting 12/11/2019 due to redecoration'.

urgent info

'XMAS & NEW YEAR INFO' box (This box is visible from mid November to just after New Year).

  • This is where information goes regarding the Xmas holiday period. Please use running or shut not open and closed.
  • 'Running' (means the meeting is running over the holiday period).
  • 'Shut' (means the meeting is not running over the holiday period).
  • e.g. 'Shut 24th & 31st', 'Running 24th, Shut 31st' etc.
  • The default is 'no information known'.
  • The Helpline's policy is to only send callers to a meeting which state they are definitely running.

xmas info


  • If the meeting is to be held weekly, tick the box 'weekly'.
  • Select the day of the week from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the time the meeting starts using the 12 hour clock. e.g. 7.30pm or 11.30am etc. Double check that the time selected is correct.
  • Enter the length of the meeting using the following format; 1 hour 30 mins, 1 hour 15 mins etc.



  • Room - this is to say which room at the venue the meeting is being held. e.g. the Elizabeth room, room 202 etc.
  • Venue name - this is the name of the venue. e.g. St. Mark's Church Hall,  etc.
  • Street - please use numbers where possible as well as street name (this can help members find the venue easier, especially in a built up area). e.g. 95 High Street etc.
  • Address 2 - for any other address information (borough or district). e.g. Brixton (London), Parkwood (Rainham, Kent) etc.
  • City or town - enter the town or city.
  • County - select the county from the dropdown menu (Kent, Sussex, West Midlands etc.).
  • Country - select the country from the dropdown menu (England, Scotland,Wales or Channel Islands).
  • Postcode - enter the postcode using capital letters and a space.
  • Country - select the country from the dropdown menu (UK or Jersey).
  • Venue informationEnter any relevant details that will help someone find this meeting. e.g. 'door at the back of the church' or 'ring entryphone on left to get in' etc.
  • Area - select which ASC (Area Service Committee) the meeting will be a part of. e.g. South West London, Greater Manchester etc.


  • Bus routes - outline the buses you can take to this meeting. e.g. 268, 147, 36 (use a comma and single space to separate the numbers).
  • Train/tube stations - name train/tube stations near to the meeting.
  • Travel comments - add any comments or information about travelling to this meeting.

'Meeting Format'

NAWS meeting format

  • Beginner/Newcomer - primarily for those attending their first meeting or those in early recovery.
  • Basic Text - using our primary book.
  • Candlelight - the meeting will be in candlelight.
  • 12 Concepts - using the 12 Concepts booklet.
  • Children Welcome - and are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Discussion/Participation
  • Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgender - this meeting is for people who indentify as LGBTQ+ (but no addict turned away).
  • IP Study - using our Information Phamplets.
  • It Works Study - using the It Works How and Why book.
  • Just For Today Book Study - using the Just for Today Daily Meditations book.
  • Living Clean Study - using the Living Clean book.
  • Literature Study - using NA approved literature.
  • Men - this meeting is for men only (but no addict turned away).
  • Meditation - a time set aside during the meeting for meditation.
  • Questions & Answers - for members to ask questions and get feedback.
  • Restricted Access - not suitable for members with physical disabilities.
  • Smoking - this is a smoking meeting.
  • Speaker - this is a meeting where a NA member shares their experience, strength and hope with the group for a set time.
  • Step - reading of a Step.
  • Step Working Guide Study - using the NA Step Working Guide.
  • Topic - the group picks a topic for members to share on.
  • Tradition - reading of a Tradition.
  • Format Varies - the format of the meeting varies from week to week.
  • Womenthis meeting is for women only (but no addict turned away).
  • Young People - this meeting is primarily for younger members (under 25).

UK Meeting Format

  • Creche - there is a creche worker available to look after children for the duration of the meeting.
  • Chit - this is available on request and is to prove to another that a member has attended a NA meeting. e.g. courts, probation etc.
  • No pets - no pets allowed at the meeting.
  • Venue unavailable on public holidays - the meeting venue is closed on bank holidays.
  • Share meetingthis is a meeting where a NA member shares their experience, strength and hope with the group for a set time.
  • Illness - this is an Illness in recovery meeting.
  • No children - no children are permitted at the venue.
  • Pitch/Electric Share - the member sharing picks the next member to share.
  • Timer - members are limited to a set amount of time to share.
  • Book Studyusing NA approved literature.
  • Parking Available - there is parking available at the meeting venue.


If only English is spoken at the meeting then leave blank otherwise please select which language or languages that are spoken at the meeting.

'Meeting comments'

This box is used to add additional meeting information. e.g. every third week is a chair meeting, every second week the meeting is an 'open' etc.r

'Explain changes' box.

Enter the reason why this draft is different to the published version.
e.g. Changed meeting name or changed meeting time, etc. or it is a new meeting.

explain changes


Click 'Save'.

We shall then verify the changes and they will be published within 24 to 48 hours. Check back later to make sure all changes are correct.

NB: If your change is urgent (No Venue Today! - Flooding; etc), once you've edited the details send an email to us saying you need the change approved immediately to [email protected] DON'T just send details of the change. It won't be accepted. Make the change, then email and call the Helpline and let them know.

All feedback on how to improve this service is gratefuly received.

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