Narcotics Anonymous UK

Helpline: 10.00am - midnight
0300 999 1212


Narcotics Anonymous in England, Scotland & Wales has more than 1000 meetings running every week. These meetings are serviced by sub-committees which perform different duties. They all meet monthly (details here).
If you need to contact us, please find the most appropriate sub-committee from the list below, and we shall endeavour to help you.

Website/Helpline Committee oversee the 'front line' of the Fellowship and welcome any comments & volunteers!

Website's Tech team is continually developing the site. They also administer security updates & maintain the email system

Meetings listings are maintained from this website. Find your nearest meetings here.
To tell us about a change to your meeting's details follow these instructions here
To ask a question about a meeting click here.
[email protected]

Events listings are maintained from this website. Add your Event here.
[email protected]

Public Information liaises with, and makes presentations to professionals, politicians, schools and other public bodies.
[email protected]

Hospitals & Institutions run meetings within such places that are not open to the public.
They welcome invitations to start new meetings, & any other enquiries from anyone within the system.
They also run the Prison Sponsorship scheme.
Plus they have a cool selection of merchandise which they can bring to your NA event.
[email protected]

UK Regional Service Committee
meets every other month in various venues which can be found here
[email protected]

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